Street Food Tour in Hanoi

Taking a street food tour in Hanoi was something I had looked forward to for years, after jealously drooling over a friend’s foodporn from Vietnam. Well, I finally made it and was ready to eat!

Street Food Tour in Hanoi


Our hotel in Hanoi, The Essence Hotel, arranged this tour for us. We opted for the lunchtime tour. The guide met us at 11:00 am and we set out on foot to walk and eat our way around the ancient quarter.

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Banh Cuon Thanh Van

Banh Cuon is one of the most popular traditional dishes in Vietnam and supposedly the most delicious ones are in Hanoi. It is a very thin rice flour pancake made from fragrant rice soaked overnight before being ground into a paste. Women make these pancakes street side.

Street Food Tour in Hanoi

The paste is spread onto a boiler pot covered with cheese cloth and steamed. It is scooped off with giant bamboo sticks and rolled with minced pork or chicken, fried onions, mushrooms and cut into pieces. These are garnished with shrimp powder and cilantro then dipped into a sweet and sour fish sauce and Oh. My. God.

Street Food Tour in Hanoi
One of yummiest things I’ve ever eaten.

This recipe has been in the proprietor’s family for generations. Very cool.

Bun Bo


Street Food Tour in Hanoi

Bun Bo is a dish of rice noodles served with stir fried beef, bean sprouts, lettuce, crispy onion, green papaya and you can spice it up at the table with hot sauce (yes!), vinegar, limes, etc.  Another unique and delicious dish that was unlike anything I have ever eaten.

Street Food Tour in Hanoi

I should note that just about every restaurant we went to was all locals who eat at tiny tables with little plastic stools that are literally inches from the ground. I loved the authentic no fuss experience.

Street Food Tour in Hanoi

 Banh Xeo

Street Food Tour in Hanoi

This is a fried rice pancake with various things inside including bean sprouts, herbs and sometimes pork or shrimp. Street Food Tour in Hanoi


Mien Luon Nuoc or Eel Broth Soup

Our next stop was a place that served crunchy eel in eel broth with vermicelli and herbs such as basil and cilantro.

Street Food Tour in Hanoi

These are called Calamansi and are found throughout SE Asia. They are a cross between a lime an a mandarin. They are orange on the inside. The guide called them lemons.

Street Food Tour in Hanoi
A huge glass tank full of deep fried crispy eel!
Street Food Tour in Hanoi
Finished product. Delectable.

Banana Fritters

We had this little snack from a street vendor….rice batter dipped deep fried banana.

Street Food Tour in Hanoi

Now we were supposed to have the main dish. Is he kidding…we had already eaten so much.

Xoi Vo or  Sticky Rice with Mung Bean

Street Food Tour in HanoiThis was rice cooked with mung bean which has a surprisingly delicious flavor. Served with free range chicken and spicy pickled cucumbers.  This was one of those times when your stomach is about to burst yet you cannot stop shoveling the deliciousness into your mouth.

I couldn’t wait to get back to hotel and enjoy a food coma nap but the guide mentioned dessert…

Vietnamese Egg Coffee or Cà Phê Trứng


20151113_134224We had seen egg coffee on menus and thought…huh? Well…this was dessert and it was astoundingly tasty. A farmer invented it by mixing an egg yolk with the condensed milk he put in his coffee. This cafe was owned by the inventor’s family. It tasted like custard mixed in your coffee.

Finally, I was permitted to enjoy well earned food coma! I hope you have a chance to take a street food tour in Hanoi? Have you ever done a food tour? Where are your favorites?  I’d love to hear about them!

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Street Food Tour in Hanoi


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  1. Jane M | 18th Jul 17

    Wonderful. Hanoi street food is so fabulous though as a vegetarian, I’ve had to be a little more selective in my street food choices. I love to see your photos of the non-veg stuff though – satisfies my curiosity about the places where I can’t eat 🙂


    • csaradar | 21st Jul 17

      Haha that’s funny. I am mainly vegetarian at home and I loosen up a bit travelling because it’s so hard to be strict veggie. But I totally see your point!

  2. Stephanie | 1st Jun 17

    I loved the food in Vietnam. Very different tastes from what I was used to.
    I think Pho was one of my favorites..did you try it?

    • csaradar | 1st Jun 17

      I loved it so much. I had Pho quite a bit…many hotels had it at the breakfast buffet. Great for hangovers:)

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