How To Pack for a Desert Trek in Morocco

A trip to the Moroccan desert can be a once in a lifetime memorable experience. You can channel Lawrence of Arabia, Ali Baba or Priscilla Queen of the Desert…whatever your desert inspiration is. Once you’ve planned your trip and figured out how to get to this remote region of Morocco, you need to pack appropriately. I’ve got you covered and will now show you how to pack for a desert trek in Morocco

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I did my desert adventure with Omar at Camel Trekking Morocco. I think they treated their camels well and this is important to research when choosing to do this. Here is a good guide when it comes to animal welfare of working animal is tourism, specifically camels.

Are Camel Safaris Ethical?

If you aren’t sure about the ethics with regards to riding camels, you can also do a 4X4 desert excursion.

Here is a good place to start when researching desert excursions in Morocco:

This list depends greatly on the weather. In February when I went, as well as most of the winter months, the desert is warm and pleasant during the day but cold and windy at night. Layers work great for this kind of weather and I think it is an ideal time to go to avoid blistering daytime heat you may experience in the summer.



Something light and comfy but sturdy and that will protect your feet from hot sand! The vented ones from Merrill with the Vibram sole are faves of mine.


Bring an extra pair because sand gets everywhere!

Thermal Underwear

An extra layer for nighttime


If you go in the winter, the desert can be cold! I personally take something like this everywhere because there’s always a time or place when I get chilly.

Water Resistant Wind Breaker

Hiking Pants

The Halle pant by Prana comes in different inseams, short, regular and long. Also many color options.

Warm Hat (if during winter)

Sun Hat

This one by Wallaroo has UV protection and is packable.



This is Osprey Tempest 18 L. This one is perfect for ladies (there is a similar version for men called the Talon).  I literally use this for everything. Hiking, short trips, as a daypack, as a carry on. It has lots of convenient pockets and compartments and comes in many colors.

Portable Phone Charger

If you’re like me you never want to be without power!

Hands-Free Flashlight

This is another item I take on every trip. Is really powerful for the price. Be sure to pack a few extra AAA batteries with you.

Portable Sleeping Bag (Silk Bed Liner)

This is great for any situation where you will have sketchy bedding or want a layer of protection. This manages to somehow keep you warm or cool when needed. Also protects you from scratchy wool blankets!


Facial Cleansing Wipes

These can be used in more places than just your face, FYI


These little wisps are great for a quick overnight trip when you may not have running water


This goes absolutely everywhere with me.

The organization that I did my trek with provided water as well as decent sleeping arrangements with blankets provided. These were heavy wool blankets but I still needed all my extra clothing and my lightweight silk sleeping bag liner to be warm enough. Some camel treks give you just the blanket that was on the camel’s back that you rode on. Find out as much as you can prior and plan accordingly. Don’t underestimate the cold windy desert at night!

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    Bringing extra water in a roadeavour collapsible bottle. Would also be a great help. Just to have an extra hydration for emergency,

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