American Southwest Sights to Inspire Wanderlust

I recently discovered the rugged and spectacular beauty of the southwest, particularly Arizona and Utah. I am officially in love and willing to share my love with all of you! Here are some of my favorite American southwest sights.

Just. Go. Here

2014-11-10 09.36.31
The Red Rocks of Sedona, taken excitedly from a fast moving car.


2014-11-10 11.19.30
There are wineries in Sedona
2014-11-11 14.34.18
The hiking in Sedona is amazing!
Eventually you get to see this really cool arch called Devil's Bridge
This incredible and just a little scary structure is called Devil’s Bridge. My mother and I got lost coming back from this place and almost had to spend the night in the desert. Hilarious story, really.


This is Bell Rock. A beautiful and slightly less exciting hike than Devil’s Bridge. Virtually impossible to get lost, even for me.
2014-11-12 11.50.40
This is the Bell Rock hiking area. 

I only managed to do 2 hikes but there are tons of great Sedona hikes!

It’s the freaking Grand Canyon! I cried when I saw it. For real tears. It’s so grand and overwhelming. Totally deserves its name.


It’s really colorful as well as huge.


Dude, it’s REALLY big


2014-11-14 16.13.53
Ahh, a sunset drive through Zion National Park, Utah. 


Zion at sunset is a religious experience


Bryce Canyon is breathtaking


These weird rocks are called hoodoos
These weird rocks are called hoodoos and are formed by water eroding the rock.
Hoodoos come in many shapes and sizes and are always super cool!
2014-11-15 14.45.39
This is what you see when you hike as high as you can go.
2014-11-15 14.12.45
There is even seating that is semi-safe. Just don’t move too much!
2014-11-15 13.11.01
This hike is called “wall street”
Never miss an opportunity to be angelically bathed in light
Never miss an opportunity to be angelically bathed in light


When you make it to the top, you feel pretty super!
2014-11-15 14.09.57
I mean…seriously. Can you even?

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  1. Jessica | 22nd Dec 20

    We recently went on a trip through Utah and Arizona and absolutely loved it! We loved seeing all the hoodoos everywhere like in your pictures in this post!

  2. Barbara | 8th Mar 16


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