Honest Reviews: Huma Island Resort in the Philippines (aka Heaven)

There are many luxury hotels out there and although I haven’t stayed in all of them, I can tell you that many of them are not worth your money. This is not one of those. This place, in my opinion, was worth every penny and I will tell you (and show you) why. Keep in mind I was not sponsored. They had no idea I was a blogger, so this is as honest and real as it gets! Are you ready to virtually experience Huma Island Resort?

How I Ended Up There

Let me set the scene for you. I was at the end of 2 months of continuous travel in Southeast Asia. To afford to travel for this long, I did stay in budget places quite a bit, including hostels. I like to splurge every now and then and the end of my 3 weeks in the Philippines seemed like the perfect time. The place I was staying before wasn’t so hot and I wanted to get out as soon as possible. I called Huma Island and asked how early I could check in. They offered to send a van to pick me up at 0800 from my hotel. That works!  I was staying on a different part of Coron Island so I had an hour van ride to the boat dock. The next step was a 40-minute boat ride to the private island. The exuberance was practically jumping out of my soul by the time I got on this boat.

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Checking In

Upon arrival at the property on the island, there were several people waiting for me (yes…just me) at the dock. I was warmly welcomed and given a cool washcloth along with a welcome drink while my luggage was taken. I was escorted into the lobby where a group of employees played a ukelele and sang a welcome song. This was very cute but a little awkward because I’m not accustomed to having that many people greet me and make a big deal over me. I do appreciate their effort though,

After I checked in and did all that formal stuff, a man in a golf cart drove me to my overwater villa, giving me a little tour of the property along the way. I could barely contain myself on this ride and was bouncing up and down like a toddler that needs the restroom. Everything was spectacular! When we finally arrived at my villa, he gave me a little tour and then left me to run around open-mouthed and giggling like an idiot.

Huma Island, Philippines

But First, Let Me Relax

Sadly I don’t have photos of the room, but it was large with high ceilings and plush colorful decor.  The Nespresso coffee machine and the complimentary bottle of wine was a nice addition. The bathroom was spacious and equipped with every luxurious touch you can imagine including L’Occitane amenities. There was a separate toilet, huge bathtub and a rain shower. The private balcony has sweeping sea views, loungers, outdoor shower and my favorite part…the hot tub. The first thing I did was get in that hot tub and mentally plan the rest of my day.

Huma Island Resort

Next, I went to the dive shop. I didn’t feel like doing a dive because it would have taken most of the day, however, there is a plane wreck nearby that you can see. How cool is that? I’ve seen many shipwrecks but never a plane. This region had a lot of WW2 action, hence the planes and ships underwater. Instead, I settled on getting a paddle board and snorkel equipment. I was driven to the beachfront where I was the only person in the water at the time. Just call me the queen of the ocean. Snorkeling from my paddleboard was super fun and there were plenty of beautiful fish and coral.

Huma Island Resort

Here’s a little video about the experience:

Pool Time

After all that stressful activity (I could barely say that with a straight face), I hit the pool, complete with a big pink flamingo floaty. I ordered a few cocktails in a coconut and made friends with some random Canadians.

Huma Island Resort

Huma Island Resort

At some point, I did a cooking class that they offered and enjoyed some delicious adobo chicken, a Filipino specialty.

Eventually, I decided to hang in my room again and get ready for dinner. As I was walking back to the restaurant area trying to decide which one to eat in (they have many dining choices including a Lebanese restaurant, a seafood place, wine and cheese, and Italian), I passed some people doing archery. The hotel staff member running the show invited me to come give it a try. Why not? I only had half a bottle of wine in my room. What could go wrong?

Huma Island Resort

It turns out, I’m a natural. Watch out Katniss!

The sunsets here are stunning, of course.

Huma Island Resort

Finally dinner. I chose the Lebanese restaurant called Al Fairuz, although I was skeptical about Lebanese food in the Philippines. Apparently the owners of the resort are from Qatar.  They know this food!. As a half Arab, I was extremely impressed with this meal. It wasn’t cheap, but that was to be expected at a place like this.

It’s So Hard to Say Goodbye

Sadly I had to leave early the next morning. They arranged the boat ride back to the mainland and then a ride to the airport. I truly loved every minute of my day there. This place made me ridiculously happy and I was uber impressed with the service from each and every person there. Well done Huma Island! I hope to be back.

Interested in booking a room here? Use this link: Huma Island Resort

Disclaimer: I use affiliate links in some of my posts and can make a small commission if you use them to book. This is at no extra cost to you and helps me to maintain this blog!

A Few Tips

You have a choice of overwater villas or beachfront. I think the overwater experience is fun but if you want to walk out your front door directly onto the beach, beachfront is the way to go. There are two sets of water villas, one is more west. I would recommend these so that you can better enjoy the sunset. There is a spa here but isn’t very big so make appointments as early as you can. Make sure you give yourself a full day at the minimum to enjoy this place and check out as late as you can on your last day.

Would you stay here? Where was your favorite splurge hotel?

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Huma Island Resort

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