How Do I Travel So Much?

How I Do I Travel So Much?

I am often asked questions such as “Do you ever work?” or “How do you afford to travel so much?” If it looks like I don’t have a full time job, then clearly I’m doing something right! The truth is, I have quite a stressful job as a nurse anesthetist but I refuse to let that keep me from my passion!

This past year I have been skiing in Vail, working with refugees in Greece, swimming with pigs in the Exumas, attending a wedding in Dubrovnik, celebrating the 4th of July in Seattle, hiking Trolltunga, marvelling at Machu Picchu, and am planning to go to Iceland the end of the year. I’m not trying to brag, but just to show that I truly make the most of my schedule.

Here’s some tips for how you can also make more travel possible.

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