10 Best Miami Late Night Eats (Food Porn Included)

I’m not saying the only thing to do in Miami is party, but Miami does give NYC a run for its money on that “never sleeping” thing. I’m willing to bet that Miami has more of the “I got home at the crack of dawn” type people than the “I wake up to exercise at the crack of dawn” type people. Not to mention the many that just simply like crack! Either way it’s good to know your eating options at these crazy hours. Here are my 10 best Miami late night eats

10 best Miami late night eats

1.  La Sandwicherie

Because why should you accept crap American bread just because it’s 3 am? Does being inebriated make you any less of a food connoisseur? I think not! Have a delicious sandwich on a baguette or croissant with your choice of pate, camembert, smoked salmon, or roast beef with cornichons (please don’t call them gherkins) and their special vinaigrette dressing that is so good you will want to bathe in it. They sell it in large bottles so you’re in luck!

South Beach location is open Sunday through Thursday from 8am to 5am and Friday and Saturday from 8am to 6am.

229 14th St., Miami Beach

The Brickell location is open Sunday through Wednesday 9 am to 5am and Thursday through Saturday 9am to 6am.

34 SW 8th St., Miami


2.  Eleven

10 best Miami late night eats

If you like your sushi with a side of show-girl you can go to this strange yet cool combo of nightclub/restaurant/meets upscale strip club in downtown Miami. It has become an acceptable, only mildly sleazy hangout for the mainstream Miami professional. Seriously, no judgement!!

The rooftop restaurant Touche serves food Wednesday to Saturday 7pm to 1am. The main club serves a snack menu including pizza and burgers from 8pm to 8am weekdays and until 11am on weekends.

29 NE 11th St., Miami

10 best Miami late night eats

3.  La Moon

Never had Colombian food? The middle of the night is the perfect time to try it at this Colombian inspired favourite in Brickell. Try an arepa (fried cornmeal pancake) stuffed with just cheese,  or meat and cheese,  OR  meat, cheese, AND sausage plus whatever else they can stuff in there.  They have Perros Colombianos (hot dogs) served with a quail egg on top. Why the quail egg? To make it fancy? IDK. For the vegetarians maybe some fried yuca with creamy cilantro mayo. Not that it is the least bit healthy, but healthy is hardly the point of late night eats is it?  Maybe learn a few words in Spanish before coming here. Otherwise be good at pointing and charades!

Open Monday and Wednesday 10am to midnight, Thursday 10am to 2am, Friday and Saturday 9am to 6am, and Sunday 9am to midnight and is closed Tuesday.

97 SW 8th St., Miami

4.  Bodega Taqueria and Tequila

10 best Miami late night eats

Seriously epic tacos here. The burritos are scrumptious as well.  Oh and there’s a secret (ok it’s not so secret) nightclub here too. In case you want to dance off that carb coma. Or eat after you drank too much. It’s all good. The nightclub is found by going to a door that looks like the bathroom.

Open daily 12 noon to 5am.

1220 16th St., Miami Beach


5.  Big Pink

10 best Miami late night eats

This South Beach gem is a classic. Everything is pink, including the adorable VW bug delivery cars outside. This is diner food…on steroids…with diamonds on top.  Breakfast is available all day with creative and massive omelets and my personal fave, the yummy homemade corned beef hash (not that disgusting stuff in the can). The menu is extensive with over 200 items complete with gourmet “snacks” like polenta fries with cheese sauce and the best mozzarella sticks you will ever have. They are breaded with cornmeal people!  Burgers, pizza, sandwiches, wraps, ethnic food…anything you can think of will be on this menu plus more!  The huge portions are perfect for those who thought they would diet by skipping dinner to drink but now are beyond caring about how much they consume. The location between a dive bar and nightclub couldn’t be more perfect.

Open Monday to Wednesday until midnight, Thursday to Saturday until 5:30 a.m. and Sunday until 2 a.m

57 Collins Ave, Miami Beach

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6.  Versailles

10 best Miami late night eats

Find yourself lost in the middle of Miami somewhere and have no idea where to eat?  Never fear, Cuban food is here! You can pretend to get some culture while stuffing your face. This Little Havana staple has been operating for over 40 years. Get some incredible coffee and a Cuban sandwich while listening to locals complain about Castro.

Open Monday -Thursday 8am to 1am, Friday 8am to 230am, Saturday 8am to 3:30am, and Sunday 9am to 1am.

3555 SW 8th St., Miami

7.  Pizza Rustica

10 best Miami late night eats

Because pizza is the perfect food for basically all occasions including that time you broke a ridiculously high heel before getting kicked out of Club Story for trying to use the DJ equipment. This place has been around since the beginning of time and has a crazy variety for anyone. Want BBQ chicken pizza?  Done. Want tropical fruit on your pizza? Done. Want it simply with cheese because you can’t be bothered reading all the zillions of ingredients? Done.

Open Monday to Wednesday 11am to 4am and Thursday-Sunday 11am to 6am

863 Washington Avenue

8.  The Anderson

This newish Upper East Side bar has inventive cocktails and sweet 80’s vibe and some seriously good snacks including Korean vegetable pancake and gourmet grilled cheese. If your sweet tooth needs some love, they have maraschino bread pudding with caramel sea salt whipped cream. Hello lover!

Open Sunday to Wednesday 5pm to 2am, Thursday 5pm to 3am, Friday and Saturday 5pm to 4am

709 NE 79th St, Miami

9.  HuaHuas

10 best Miami late night eats

Yes, another taco place….because…tacos. I happen to think there should be a taco place on every corner. And what if the other taco place is too crowded?  Isn’t it great too have these kinds of choices in life…and at 2 am? What a time to be alive. This place has splendidly unique tacos like fried chicken with jalapeno cornbread crumbles. Or fried pescado with pineapple and jalapeno tartar. The fried avocado with tofu creme will blow your mind and make you consider becoming a vegetarian. You can also get that ridiculously amazing Mexican style corn on the cob with spicy mayo, cotija cheese and cilantro. It’s called Elote, FYI. Don’t eat this on a date unless you brought dental floss!

Open Monday to Wednesday 12pm to 11pm and Saturday and Sunday 12pm to 12am.

1211 Lincoln Road, Miami Beach

10.  Pizza Bar Miami

10 best Miami late night eats

You really need more than one pizza option on this list. The slogan of this place is “Size Does Matter”.  So, there’s that. They claim to serve the largest slice on the beach.  You can also get jalapeno poppers (who doesn’t love those?), garlic knots and chicken wings. You know, standard drunk food.

Open Sunday through Wednesday, 11am to 2am and Thursday through Saturday, 11am to 5am

1627 Collins Ave, Miami Beach

10 best Miami late night eats

Miami at night is a completely different city. The lights, the noise, the music…oh wait that happens in the daytime too. Even though it’s crazy, there’s something magical about the unique energy in this city. So stay up late and don’t worry, you will still be well fed!

Where is your favorite late night Miami food? What should I add to this list?

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10 best late night eats in Miami

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  3. Jackie | 30th Nov 17

    This is so perfect for me I just got to Miami! I’ve tried a few of these, loooove La Sandwicherie!! Such the perfect post for Miami eats!

    • csaradar | 30th Nov 17

      I’m jealous. I want to be there too! I hope you can try them all. I think my fave may be HuaHuas. So freaking good.

  4. Steph | 27th Nov 17

    Yum what a selection of places! I would kill to go to Big Pink 🙂 just my fav. colour

    • csaradar | 28th Nov 17

      Big Pink is an adorable place. I love the cars:)

  5. Richa | 27th Nov 17

    Ahh this is a great list of late eats.. which is most needed in this city 😉 I have eaten at some of these places before but adding the rest for my next visit 🙂

    • csaradar | 28th Nov 17

      I hope you make it to all of them!

  6. Anisa | 26th Nov 17

    It’s been awhile since I have been to Miami but I loved News Cafe

    • csaradar | 28th Nov 17

      that’s a fun place. I am not sure how late they are open as I usually associate it with breakfast but I should check!

  7. Travel Birdie | 26th Nov 17

    OMG! Those pics! I’m drooling right now :))))) I think I might visit just to eat 😀

    • csaradar | 26th Nov 17

      That’s a good reason!

  8. Sylvia | 26th Nov 17

    Although i tend not to eat late, your article may just have opened that door and pretty wide too! I totally pinned this for future reference! Great photos!

    • csaradar | 26th Nov 17

      Thanks! I used stock photos for this since I hadn’t taken pics at all these restaurants. Most of this food is also good in the daytime 😉

  9. Tracy | 25th Nov 17

    Oh, do I miss Big Pink! I lived about an hour North of Miami and I remember some crazy nights out there. I also lived in NYC and rolled home around 4am. There are some similarities to both cities, and I will say…both have great food!

    • csaradar | 26th Nov 17

      Having food when you really need it is important!! Big Pink is the best!

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