What to pack for Desert Trek

This list depends greatly on the weather. In February when I went, as well as most of the winter months, the desert is warm and pleasant during the day but cold and windy at night. Layers work great for this weather.

You don’t want to bring more than a backpack with you, so be strategic.


  • Lightweight hiking pant
  • T shirts (long or short sleeve)
  • Lightweight pullover or zip-up sweater/hoodie
  • Thermal underwear, top and bottom for sleeping. I like Hot Chillis brand or SUB cold.
  • parka or windbreaker (the weight depending on season)
  • Socks (bring more than one pair…they will get sandy)
  • Lightweight closed toe shoes, tennis shoes or something more rugged but lightweight. I really like Merrill walking shoes.
  • Warm hat, scarf in winter
  • Sun hat in warmer months


  • Flashlight
  • Water (if not already provided)
  • Blanket (if not provided)
  • Sleeping bag (if not provided). I used this  travel sleeping bag
  • Basic Toiletries
    • Toothbrush, toothpaste (I brought disposable Colgate wisps)
    • Hair brush
    • Facial wipes
    • Sunblock
    • Tissues
    • Chapstick

The organization that I did my trek with provided water as well as decent sleeping arrangements with blankets provided. These were heavy wool blankets. I still needed all my extra clothing and my lightweight silk sleeping bag liner to be warm enough. Some camel treks give you just the blanket that was on the camel’s back that you rode on. Find out as much as you can prior and plan accordingly. Don’t underestimate the cold windy desert at night!!!


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  1. joiegahum30 | 6th Sep 17

    Bringing extra water in a roadeavour collapsible bottle. Would also be a great help. Just to have an extra hydration for emergency,

    • csaradar | 10th Sep 17

      That’s a great suggestion. It is the desert after all!

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