The Upside Down Museum in Penang, Malaysia

What on earth is an Upside Down Museum? If you are thinking this, don’t worry; I thought the same thing when I randomly saw this on a map the day I arrived in Penang, Malaysia. I was overheated from walking around in what may be the hottest place I’ve ever visited so I thought…let me see what this upside down museum thing is all about!

It wasn’t too crowded when I went which was around 3:30 pm but I was traveling in the off season and there was still a small line. They have to limit the amount of people inside at one time because…well, you’ll see.

Basically this museum is a series of rooms, designed to look like a home. There is a living room, bathroom, kitchen, laundry room, etc., except everything is upside down. You go to each location and a staff member assigned to each one poses you and uses your camera to take your picture. Make sure your cell phone has a full battery! When the picture is flipped, it appears that you are whatever room doing whatever activity but UPSIDE DOWN!

I don’t know about you all but as a solo traveler it’s so nice having your own photographer for an hour!

Here’s the fun part….the end result of your pics. (I have many, many more but didn’t want to bore you all!)

upside down museum

Hate when I can’t reach the books on the high shelves!

upside down museum

Just hanging around the house!

upside down museum

That yoga is really starting to pay off!

Here’s behind the scenes how it works:

This is before shot…you do some ridiculous pose and you really have no idea how it will turn out.

Upside Down Museum

Then you flip the picture on your phone and voila…enter exorcist!

Upside Down Museum

You can even become part of the street art…

upside down museum

The cost is 30 MYR (about $6USD).  This was money well spent because I had so much fun. The museum takes roughly and hour to hour and a half. I was giggling like a little kid the whole time. When is the last time you felt like a kid?

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upside down museum

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Cherene is a travel expert with 30 years of experience in over 100 countries and 7 continents. She has traveled solo to over 50 countries. She is also a nurse anesthesiologist with over 20 years of healthcare experience. Her passions include wildlife travel and visiting wine regions of the world.


  1. Reading the Book | 24th May 17

    This looks like so much fun! It’s amazing what you just happen to stumble across – these are great pics!

    • csaradar | 24th May 17

      Thank you Jill!

  2. Laura M Tenekjian | 1st Mar 17

    Cherene this looks so cool! At first I thought you were actually performing some outrageous acrobatics…but then I caught on :). Looks like your’e having an amazing time!!

    • csaradar | 4th Mar 17

      LOl…I wish I could do some of those moves!!

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  4. Your Next Big Trip | 19th Feb 17

    Omg I would love this so much! It looks hilarious! I love that they take your photo for you. I could definitely see myself spending way too long in here. So cool!

    • csaradar | 24th Feb 17

      They are professionals! They pose you, work with your phone…it’s great. I had a goofy smile the entire time!

  5. nanahalager | 19th Feb 17

    Haha that is funny! We had something similar in Aarhus, Denmark during our early festival. It was a house and it looked like people where sitting on outside the windows, on the roof etc and looked very dramatic! Its a great idea 🙂

    • csaradar | 24th Feb 17

      Sounds so cool. I love this kind of creativity.

  6. Laura | 19th Feb 17

    This is amazing. I love weird stuff like this. Not gonna lie, I spent a lot of time turning my phone the other way up so I could get my head round the pictures. Such a perk to have someone taking photos for you as well!

    • csaradar | 24th Feb 17

      Haha! I can totally understand that! It’s so bizarre. I had opposite experience. They posed me and I had no idea how it would look until I flipped the pic. I felt so ridiculous but it was great fun!

  7. chikonahoka | 18th Feb 17

    A bunch of these little museums have been popping up! I see this one’s smart to offer the addition of a photographer! It sucks being a solo traveller to upside down houses and 3D art houses otherwise… 🙂

    • csaradar | 18th Feb 17

      Oh I don’t know what I would have done! It was so great!

  8. Sara Essop | 18th Feb 17

    Wow, this looks so cool. I don’t think it was in Penang when I went there many years ago.

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