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I predict that Westerosi tourism is going to be the next big thing, now that the war for the Iron Throne is over and there is peace in the land. The new King, Bran the Broken has just announced visa-free travel for all countries in a wise effort to bring tourism dollars to Westeros. The exchange rates for the Gold Dragon have never been better. Take advantage and go now before the crowds and tour buses arrive! Here are the top Six Things to do in the Six Kingdoms with a bonus section for the North and Essos as well.

I predict that Westerosi tourism is going to be the next big thing, now that the war for the Iron Throne is over and there is peace in the land. Click To Tweet

Six Things To Do In The Six Kingdoms


1.  Walk the Walls of King’s Landing

This city’s narrow streets used to be overly crowded but um, recent events have led to the city being more empty than usual. The great fire that destroyed most of the homes in the city miraculously left many of its old stone walls intact. The city still has charm and beauty although many structures still have some residual black soot that will take a long time to fully clean. Take care not to walk on parts of the wall that look “crumbly”.

There are some excellent “voluntourism” opportunities here for some city cleanups if you want to help the locals of King’s Landing. Just know that the politics here are quite messy due to the recent war. It’s best not to ask questions about the fire. If locals want to tell you about it, they will.

Game of Thrones Dubrovnik

2.  Tour the Red Keep

Recently rebuilt after the great fire, this historic structure is now wheelchair friendly so people with disabilities have greater access to a place once very challenging to reach. Note, the Iron Throne has not been rebuilt. The debate regarding what is to be done is ongoing.  The new King has recently opened the Red Keep to guided tours. Admission is a bit steep at 100 Gold Dragons (roughly $20 USD) but they had great losses to recoup.

Also, the High Sept of Baylor is still closed for renovations after the unfortunate terrorist attack of 2016.  Be respectful of the devout that leave roses for two folk heroes that died here, Margaery and Loras Tyrell.

Tour of Westeros

3.  Take A Scenic Walk or Carriage Ride on the King’s Road

This used to be a dodgy place, full of rapists, thieves, and generally murderous bad natured dudes but thanks to the recent peace accords, it is safe and lovely.

Pro Tip:  Stop at the Crossroads Inn for lunch where the chef known as “Hot Pie” works and sample his delectable pies.

Dark Forest Covered Road in Westeros

4.  Wine Tasting in Dorne

The beautiful region of Dorne is the hottest and southernmost part of Westeros. The region is rocky, mountainous, arid and dry, and features the only desert on the continent. It is the least populated part of the continent and the people are known for their sultry passionate nature and sexual freedom is celebrated. Think of the capital Sunspear as the “red light district” of Westeros. Just be respectful and don’t gawk. Don’t ever take pictures of locals unless you are invited to, which you likely will be since they can be exhibitionists.

This the premier wine region in Westeros. This is red wine country. Some say it is sour but it is highly sought after. Tyrion Lannister, the hand of the King, has a standing order of 10 crates per week.

You can tour the vineyards and do a wine tasting at the Water Palace.  I’ve heard rumors that the newly crowned Prince visits the tours often, likely out of boredom. Make sure to tip the staff well. There’s less chance of poisoning that way. Also, don’t borrow anyone’s lipstick.

Pro Tip:  Bring the antidote to the major types of poison includingTears of Lys, Manticore Venom, The Strangler, Wolfsbane, Basilisk’s blood, and the Long Farewell.

The Stunning Water Palace in Dorne


5.  Visit the Flower Fields in Highgarden

This is the breadbasket of Westeros, full of fertile land perfect for farming. This is where you can enjoy farm to table cuisine at the many organic restaurants in the villages. Highgarden is a stunning white castle in the region known as The Reach.  Within Highgarden’s walls are groves, fountains, and courtyards and there are fields of golden roses that stretch as far as the eye can see.

This castle has seen some recent upheavals during the war but is mostly intact but under new rule by a relative newcomer to politics.

Be respectful when visiting the gardens and farms. Pay attention to the signs and don’t walk off the designated paths. Trampling flowers for Instagram photos is not met kindly by locals.

6.  Go Fishing in the Riverlands

Make sure to see the castle that rules this region, Riverrun, the ancestral home of the Tully family. It is situated in the western Riverlands, at the confluence of the Red Fork and Tumblestone rivers.

Ladies, if you’re single and always wanted to live in a castle, rumor has it that the Lord of Riverrun, Edmure Tully, is recently divorced and quite vulnerable. Not that I’m encouraging anyone to take advantage of this situation but gurl, you could be the Lady of the Castle. Just sayin’.

Beautiful Green rolling hills and lakes in the River Lands of Westeros

The North

This used to be one of the 7 kingdoms of Westeros but after the recent peace treaty, the North has once again become an independent kingdom led by a beautiful wise young queen. Much of the rest of Westeros has no desire to head north, due to the specter of winter always coming and a recent immigration crisis. The travel advisory has now been lifted and it is now considered safe to visit.

The North is beautiful and rugged, home to proud hearty people who have lived here in family estates for generations. The capital is a place called Winterfell.

I wouldn’t suggest hiking in the north unless you carry a large knife and are skilled in the use of said knife and are comfortable facing off with a pack of wolves. This isn’t the best place for a solo trip.

Pro Tip:  Get a rabies vaccine before your trip.

Visit the Godswood and see a Weirwood Tree

The Weirwood is a species of deciduous tree found all over Westeros.  It has white bark with five-pointed, blood-red leaves and sap. Some even have faces carved on their barks. Don’t be alarmed if you hear voices from the tree or see some ultra curious ravens checking you out.

Places to Avoid in the North

The Iron Islands

Although safety is getting better here compared to previous years, it still is not the best place for tourists, especially women. The pillaging rate here is the highest on the continent. A boat of tourists from China was just raided by pirates and the whole situation was very unpleasant.

Bear Island

Due to the recent deaths of the highest ranking members of the ruling family, the island is closed to tourism.

North of the Wall

The massive wall made of ice has stood for hundreds of years and Donald Trump is seriously jealous. Part of the wall has recently been destroyed by a zombie ice dragon (he’s dead…don’t worry). The wall really isn’t necessary these days. Its original purpose was to keep out unwanted immigrants which sounds really racist but in this case, these migrants were causing a lot of destruction.

The immigration problem was mostly resolved. There are a group of people who traditionally have lived north of the wall called “wildlings” or “free folk” because they don’t believe in the monarchy.  Think of them as the free-spirited hippies of this land who don’t believe in borders or walls. The good people of the North opened the gates of the wall to help rescue the wildlings after a strange viral outbreak spread. There was sort of a “Walking Dead meets the Abominable Snowman” situation.

They have now thankfully returned to their homes. If you like unspoiled nature, this is a lovely place to visit. The free folk are wild and unpredictable but good people. Don’t expect fancy hotels or restaurants if you venture here. This is truly off the beaten path. Definitely visit the ice cave hot spring spa. This can be a great place for a romantic getaway. Tourists love to pose with one particular wall with the phrase “You Know Nothing” graffitied on it.

Warning, there could be some residual viral outbreak “problems”. If you run into people who are especially pale with ice blue eyes, assume they are infected and simply light them on fire.

Here’s my favorite travel lighter that I never go north of the Wall without. It’s butane free and also a flashlight!


Head east to the continent of Essos for a completely different vibe than Westeros. The Free Cities are located on its north-western shores, with the Dothraki sea located deep in the continental interior and the cities of Slaver’s Bay on the south coast. Essos climate is temperate in the northern and western portions, and subtropical in the southern & eastern portions.

The Free Cities

The nine Free Cities occupy a large portion of western Essos. From north to south, they are Braavos, Lorath, Norvos, Qohor, Pentos, Myr, Tyrosh, Lys, and Volantis.

Braavos in Essos

Things to Do in Braavos

I would definitely focus on Braavos if you’re short on time.  This vibrant bustling port city is the richest of the free cities and has an exotic mystique.

  •  Watch a show at the outdoor theater
  •  Shop in the local markets and sample oysters and clams.
  • Take a tour of the Iron Bank. Swiss banks have nothing on this place.
  • Lovers of the occult and macabre may like to tour the Temple of the Many-Faced God.
  • Take a water dance lesson. The famous Braavosi water dance is a refined form of fencing. It is a swift and deadly style that focuses on speed, balance and grace. It is also a fantastic workout!
  • Beware of pickpockets. People are often not who they seem.

The Bay of Dragons (formerly Slaver’s Bay)

It’s always good to learn a little history before visiting any new place. There are three cities that until recently used cruel slaving practices. These are  Meeren, Yunkai and Astapor. If you don’t have time to visit all three, I would focus on Meereen.



Meereen is the largest and northernmost of the three former slavers cities. All the slaves were freed a few years ago from the cruel masters that used to rule the city. The woman named Khaleesi who saved them has now died and will forever live in controversy for her actions in Westeros. However, here in Meereen, she is a legend.

Make sure you see the Great Pyramid, standing 800 feet high, one of the wonders of Essos. Meereen also has fighting pits, mostly out of commission but in case they are still being used, I would skip this. This is considered largely unethical. Definitely visit the spice markets and pick up a souvenir of a golden harpy mask.


A large dragon was recently seen flying east from Westeros and is unaccounted for. Please don’t approach the dragon if you happen to see him. If you want to take photos, keep a 45-foot distance and use your telephoto lens.

In my experience with dragons, it really helped to travel with this flame-resistant shirt.


Horseback Riding with the Dothraki

The Great Dothraki Sea

The Dothraki sea is a vast inland region of the continent of Essos, located east of the Free Cities, north of Slaver’s Bay, and west of the Bone Mountains. Its landscape of steppes and plains is home to the nomadic Dothraki equestrian people. This unique tribe can be rowdy and difficult to understand since very few of them speak the common tongue. It will behoove you to learn a few Dothraki words. They get really excited when tourists speak in their tongue and are known to offer lessons in how to wave a scythe, their killing weapon of choice.

Dothraki Language 101

M’athchomaroon! This is the Dothraki way of saying “Hi”. It can be shortened to  M’ach! or M’ath! and translates to “With respect.”

San Athchomari Yeraan!  The Dothraki have no word for “thank you.” Instead, use this phrase, which literally translates to “a lot of honor to you!”

Dothraki literally means “men who ride.” Makes sense for a culture that is centered around horse riding. A related term is addothralat, which means to transport someone by horse.  Please don’t confuse this with a similar sounding word,  Dothrlalat, which means “to have an erection.”  You don’t want to make that mistake with this group!

Pro Tip:

BRING YOUR OWN SNACKS! The Dothraki mostly eat horsemeat and drink horse milk. There is no vegetarian fare in this region.

Visit the Beaches on the Island of Naath

This is a far journey, way east of the Summer Isles but worth it. Naath has a beautiful tropical climate, is filled with palm trees, and is famed for its butterflies. The Naathi worship the Lord of Harmony and do not harm any living thing, refusing to eat animals and abstaining from violence and martial endeavors. There are fantastic vegetarian cafes here and the main diet is fruit.

Because the Naathi religion is pacifist, they will refuse violence even to defend themselves which is why an elite army from Astapor is now stationed here for protection.

Ladies, there are many eligible men here because of the military base. However, these men may be lacking in some areas that are important to you. Ahem. Cough Cough.


Remember I mentioned the dragons? I was lucky enough to meet one and since I have experience from my time working at a dragon rehabilitation sanctuary, I know how to handle these creatures. Again, this is not for amateurs. And yes, my dress is flame resistant, although maybe not the most suitable dragon riding attire.

Redhead woman in yellow dress riding a dragon.

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Want to Know Where These Places Are IRL?

King’s Landing:  Dubrovnik, Croatia (The Red Keep is Lovrijenic Castle)

(Mdina, Malta in 1st season is the gate of King’s Landing)

The King’s Road Forest:  The Dark Hedges, Ballymoney in N. Ireland

The Riverlands:  Northern Ireland and Krka National Park, Croatia all served as locations for this region

Dorne:  Southern Spain. The Water Palace is the Alcazar in Sevilla

The North:  Northern Ireland and Iceland (Thingvellir)

*Winterfell is Doune Castle in Scotland

North of the Wall:  Iceland (The thermal spa aka Jon and Ygritte’s love nest is Grjótagjá Cave). Vatnajokull and Lake Myvatin are also filming sites.

The Dothraki Sea:  Bardenas Reales, a semi-desert natural area near Navarra, Spain.

Meereen  KilsFortress, Split, Croatia.  (Not shown here but also filmed in Peninsucola, Spain, and the fighting pit was filmed in a bullfighting ring in Osuna, Spain

Braavos:  Sibenik, Croatia (The Iron Bank is actually St. Jacob cathedral

Pentos:  Ouarzazate, Morocco

Astapor:  Essaouira, Morocco

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